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    Company profile

    Jiangsu Wanhai Medical as a professional manufacturer of insulin pen injection pen hgh pen auxin pen with more than 15 years of innovation in diabetes care and its main business is to develop and supply various kinds of disposable and reusable, plastic and mental insulin pen for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We have exported reusable and disposable insulin pen, plastic and metal diabetes insulin pen,injection pen,beauty pen and hgh pen to Southeast Asia, Africa, North America, South America contries until now.With the same occupation is compared, our largest dominant position is the price low, mainfactor is wehave very big cost to control a dominant position. Jiangsu Wanhai Medical always adhere to Honest Cooperation, Endless Striving for Excellence, Mutual Benefiting and Win-win strategy and guarantee no nonconforming product will be delivered to customer side. We will try our best to provide you with the high quality product and service.????



    Growth hormone pen
    Growth hormone pen

    The VanSea growth hormone pen is a prefilled and disposable, variable dose injection device designed for use with a standard 3ml cartridge, it is used for the injection of Human Growth Hormoneand other...

    WH-RA6 3ML copper tube Reusable Pen
    WH-RA6 3ML copper tube Reusable Pen

    Reusable Pen-Style Syringe Plastic material; Compertitive price; High quality; Flexible payment

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